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What is the dress code?


Dressy casual/ semi-formal. Avoid heels as most of the property is grass. MN weather at this time will likely be humid and warm through the evening. 

Should I get a rental car?


Our suggested sites are a bit spread out and we would probably suggest having a rental car in order to explore. That being said, you can get around without one. Minneapolis is the most bikable city in the U.S. (not a verified fact, but maybe true).

We personally like Turo as a cheaper/easier way to rent a car. 

What time should I arrive for the ceremony?

Please arrive around 4:30pm for a 5:00pm ceremony start. Allow a few extra minutes for parking and potentially turning down the wrong country road. 

Where can I park?


There will be plenty of parking and someone to guide you to a spot. For anyone who has difficulty walking/ would like assistance getting from their car to the ceremony, there will be golf carts available to drive you.


What are my options if I don't want to drive?


We are providing a shuttle from the Marriott Minneapolis West/ Courtyard where we have a room block. Shuttles depart at 4:15pm. If you're staying closer to downtown Minneapolis, you can Uber to the wedding, then shuttle to the Marriott to call an Uber from there back to your lodging. Reason being Ubers don't really pick up from Maple Plain but will get you from the hotel. Sorry for the multi-step process, these are the trickier factors in getting married in a remote area. 


Will there be food options if I have dietary restrictions?


There will be options for vegetarians and GF/celiac guests. Options for vegans will be a little more limited but still existent.


Will I get absolutely destroyed by mosquitos?

We don't think so! The Halbergs employ a service that wipes out mosquito populations. They say the spray is all-natural, safe, and registered with the EPA, which is probably all true. (if you're especially worried you can definitely load up on bug spray to be safe-- we will have some available.)

Any advice for things to do in and around the area while in town?

Please see the updated Things to Do section! 

Why aren't there any fun drawing on this page? Did you get lazy?

Maybe! But here's that old "under construction" doodle since it's no longer being used elsewhere on the website:

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! :)

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